Pensjonacik Ogrody

Our place is located 6,5 km from Czestochowa in a quiet, small village near the forest. The hotel has a lounge area with fireplace and TV (digital +) and large dining room.
We have rooms for 2, 3 and 4-bed rooms. Access to Wi-Fi (hotspot) is free of charge. You can access the Internet by connecting to your laptop or mobile in your rooms.
The house is surrounded by a large garden where you can walk, decorate a fireplace or barbecue.
A little something you can prepare yourself in the kitchenette. Homemade meals in our kitchen. We can prepare for the tasty regional dishes and also exquisite party.


At any time of the year looks different. When the spring comes and tulips, azaleas bloom, followed by a whole range of colors - it's summer flowers with the most beautiful varieties of roses, dahlias - are the queens of late summer and heathers are a sign that you need to prepare the garden for winter.
Winter gives you a chance to show the flowers, which never gives attention in the summer. Over all beautiful view of garden at hole year.
Most welcome to our place to enjoy, relax and for your peaceful time at our place.


The farm is situated near the forest rich in blueberries, raspberries and mushrooms. Forest and huge grassy areas are a haven for wild animals: deer, wild boars, foxes, pheasants and partridges. Safari with a camera or camcorder in the morning will give us a lot of interesting photographs of animal life in these areas.
If you want to visit the monastery of Jasna Gora with the miraculous image is only  10-15 minutes away from us.
"You have to apply your ears to this holy place to feel like a beating heart of the nation in the Heart of the Mother." As defined Jasna Gora Pope Jan Pawel II
The most beautiful scenery await you at the Krakow Czestochowa. Who has not heard of castles and fortresses in the Jura, as we call it here, I invite you to read the content of Czestochowa Jura Chain tab on our website. Traditional Polish feast, with the ghosts of holidays or tram Horse are just some of the proposals to spend lovely moments.
I know how you get here, it will not be your last time. Everybody back!
This place has a magic.

Security and Parking

The whole area of the property is fenced and locked at night. Monitored by a security company Net Service. They have set up alarms and remote anti seizure. In addition to the night we have also dogs to make more strong our security.Parking does not charge additional fees.

How to reach us.

 Arrive from Warsaw, Lodz and Katowice have to tern to Czestochowa direction and after follow the direction of Wielun, which inform the green signboards on the road.
from road number 43 drive to wielun direction after you will see place Lgota on green signboard. Just drive around 300 meeters more and have to turn left, and drive about 1 km stateahead, on right hand side you will see signboard of  "Pensjonacik Ogrody".
This is your destination most welcome for relax.


Cross street address GPS

50.861900, 19.003816
50°51'42.8"N 19°00'13.7"E