Lunches and dinners are to be ordered in advance. If this is a group of guests you have to order lunch one day in advance and pay an advance.

We cook everything fresh hence our request for early ordering meals.

Standard price of lunch or dinners Standard 35 zł (around 9 EURO)
For children from 3 to 10 years we apply a discount of 50% of the price.

Lunch/dinner  consists of: soup + main dish + salat + juice
When ordering polish dishes we can cook for you as your wish.

We provide indian food also.

We also offer Buffet Lunch/Dinner at a price 45 zł per person
Lunch/ Dinner consists of: soup + 3-4 different dishes (Polish cuisine, Indian cusine, mixed to choose by agreement) + 3-5 salads and appetizers + juice

We can also bake a cake crisp blueberry + coffee / tea 12 zł per person. If you want to celebrate such a spetial dinner with wine or any other alcoholic beverage, you can provide on its own, and we share glasses or glasses.
We invite you to feast at a common table.

For an extra fee you can order in Garden:
Trout fried with salads
Pieczonki the Cauldron of feasts with bonfire campfire
Feast of the Grilled sausages, pork and Polish blood sausage
Indian Feast