We organize small meetings and receptions up to 25 people.
They may be family parties like birthdays, anniversaries, etc., but also conferences, business meetings and also events for companies.
The intimate, relaxed atmosphere, the surroundings of nature certainly have a positive impact on your relationships with friends, partners, and distinctive employees.



Our feasts distinguished by the fact that the meals served at the corner grill or in the garden, and in the evening around the campfire. During rainy weather the pavilion roof in the Garden.
The dishes are cooked in a pot, outdoor campfire or in a smokehouse or oven outside in the garden.
During the season we use vegetables from our farm to the preparation of salads and other vegetable dishes. Our vegetables grown in the field and unheated plastic tunnel have a definite seasonal cycle. Each week of the season is their favorite, which is a vegetable that is ripe for harvest, and is now the tastiest. Hence our idea of organizing a festival Vegetables to give a chance to everyone warzywa to be known of the tastiest part.
Please also refer to the tab setting manu Vegetable Festival at Feast.



Garden menu = The price of 50 zł

Garden dinner

1 Baked Potatoes
2 Grilled dishes to choose from: pork or sausage
3 Pig (Chinese cabbage, tomato, cucumber)

The garden cold plate
1.Three types of traditionally smoked meats from the smokehouse home
2.Tradicional baked bread
3 Vegetable Salad

Sweet snack
1 Homemade cake with seasonal fruit

Hot drinks
1 Coffee (black or white)
2 Tea (plain or fruit)

Cold drinks
1 juice (orange, apple, cranberry)
2 Mineral Water

1 Homemade dinner in Polish or Indian Style with soap.
2 All the dishes are fresh because they are direct from meat manufacturer.




In our garden, we offer you grill meat dishes cooked in a traditional oven and baked homemade bread.

Enjoy your meal !!!