Nature Reserve "Wilderness Swamp" is located south of the village Pierzchno. Classified as ecological in 2002 on the surface of 12,30 hectares in order to protect the transitional bogs and low with valuable and regionally rare plant species. The greatest peculiarity of this place are huge clumps of sedge often reaching a height of 1.5 m. To reserve can be reached Pensjonacik Ogrody on foot or by bike trail designated color-coded green Route No. 2 "Track Tour" Track Hike Route 2 green Route: Wreczyca - res. Zamczysko - settlement - Pierzchno - ecological "Wilderness Swamp" - Kalej - Wreczyca The length of the route - 23 km Journey time - about 3 hours.

Points of Interest:
- A huge monument lime in chisels
- Ecological "Wilderness Swamp"

  Characteristics - easy route, a lot of interesting places on the route

The name "Track Tour" comes from the fact that part of the route was designated the existing tourist trails, bike - green and pedestrians - blue.

Travel starts at the Municipal Office in the United Wreczyca, where we turn right. We get to the crossroads with traffic lights and continue going straight on the road leading to Kłobucka. After about 2.5 km we reach the end of the Little Wraczyca. Between buildings of 99 and 101, turn left into a dirt road, which we get to reserve Zamczysko. After visiting the reserve back to the main road. Turning left we arrive to the village settlement. In Grodzisk we can see the monumental alders growing at the parking lot in front of the church. Going further down the street Florian's reach to the end of the village. Traveling along the asphalt road we reach the crossroads Pierzchno - Kłobuck, head to the Pierzchno. In chisels at the farm No 37, turn left on a dirt road, finally, to see the magnificent monumental buildings leaved linden. We go back to the main road and turn left, after about 150 m turn right, take the road marked with a green trail bike. After about 1.5 km drive through ecological "Wilderness Swamp". Going straight to the village Kalej we leave, we get to the main road, turn left and after 50 meters to the right, then straight 1 km to the road Czestochowa - Kalej. Cross the road and go in our favorite direction, or straight. After 2 km drive of the buildings we reach the edge of the forest. Turn right into a forest road and this road through the forest about 1.2 km we reach the junction where we follow the law indicated by the blue tourist "Monuments of Nature", which has been designated from Blachownia to Kłobucka. Coming according to the labels to the right, until we get to the forest car park on the road Czestochowa - Olesno (No. 494). From the car park we go to the left a narrow lane on a little trip to see the old buildings roaster iron ore, in which, in an interesting way, inserted them in nature. From the car park cross the road and continue going picturesque causeway, which once was used to transport the ore extracted. After 2 km we get to the main road at the former mine, turn left and go up the road handed United - Klobuck (No. 492), then turn left towards Wreczycy Great.