Rosa Private Golf Club

Golf Course 18-hole championship in Konopiska (open from May 2006.) Stretches over 90 hectares of land. There are dozens of artificially created hills and smaller and larger bodies of water. Meets all requirements for the organization of international tournaments. On championship golf have access only to persons having called. green card: type certificate certifying that the person has the required minimum skills, able to behave properly and to ensure the safety. You can get a green card playing areas for exercise (the so-called. Driving rank) or on a small 4-hole. The plan is to expand the base golf course. He has built a club house with a restaurant and a conference hall for companies who wish to combine training organized for its employees with rest.
  Information: Rosa Private Golf Club 42-274 Konopiska, ul. Agricultural 1 tel. 034 329 93 63 Fax 034 329 93 62,