Eagles' Nests Trail - Jura

Krakow - Czestochowa, Also known as the Jura, is one of the most beautiful corners of Polish. It stretches a narrow strip of 20 - 40 km between Czestochowa and Wielun the north and the south of Krakow, unique beautifully Upland determines varied landscape with rocky hills, outliers, caves, picturesque gorges, and rich vegetation. This beautiful landscape has another distinctive feature - the ruins of medieval castles, which are then defensive line of the Polish state. Along the line of castles marked Eagles' Nests Trail (red), connecting with the most beautiful monuments of architecture fragments the landscape and wildlife of the area.
This route, the length of 164 km, starts in Czestochowa (Old Market Square) and ends in Krakow. Initially marked walking route, in later years also route: cycling and riding.

Castles and watchtowers Jurassic:

Olsztyn - the closest of Czestochowa for the castle founded by Casimir the Great in the middle of the fourteenth century. Today we can see remains of the cylindrical tower, a residential building, a small walled courtyard of the castle and lower rectangular tower Staroscinska, the lower castle and below the castle.

Mirow - originally a small watchtower expanded in XIV - XVI. Today preserved: the shapeless tower, five-storey residential tower, indicating the skeleton cave living quarters and a remnant of the moat surrounding the peripheral wall, entrance gate and drawbridge. The current owner of the castle took on its reconstruction.

Bobolice - twin to Mirow castle founded by Casimir the Great in the fourteenth century. Defend the border with Silesia. Today the ruins indicate the existence of a main building and an observation tower with a porch located at the top skaty well above the castle grounds. Perimeter walls built into the limestone monadnocks were additionally protected by a deep moat. Currently, advanced longer work on the reconstruction of the castle.

Ogrodzieniec - three-tower castle upper and extensive walled bailey, which uses the natural terrain and present here fancifully arranged rocks, is Poland's largest Renaissance castle ruins. Open to the public and enriched with beautiful decorations created a twisted here the movie "Revenge" are interesting visiting.

Other worth visiting castles and watchtowers are: Siewierz, Bedzin, Smolen, Rabsztyn, Pieskowa Rock, Fathers, Tenczyn, Liwiec.


Feasts Staropolskie - CASTLE OGRODZIENIEC
In an unusual atmosphere of times past are organized Feasts Staropolskie in the Castle tavern or in the courtyard. Served: yours food, roast pig, venison, rozniste meats, napitki or so encouraging delicacies like. Sweets the Castle Maidens. During the Feast you become an observer of everyday life at the castle m. Al. meet truest knights, maidens dancing castle, jugglers amused the evening or come across unexpectedly White Lady and Spirits Castle.

living castle
The organizer would like to present the so-called. "Living wall", will introduce tourists to the climate of the times past, when the tower blew heraldic pennant, and the chambers came the buzz laughing country house. Tourists are observers of daily life in a medieval castle in the kitchen cook bakes cakes, which treats later the guests in the room kredencerskiej dancing damsels, and the so-called spaces. Kurzej alloys with wenches looms weave decorative selvedge. courtyard knights wage battles for considerations become white-haired and compete for social encounters.

Holidays with Holiday spirits with spirits is a great way to organize an unusual feast in the castle walls. Evening with a thrill, during which haunts us all the ghosts and spirits of the castle making, it will be a memorable time unusual, przyprawiających of thrills. Walking takes place in the glow of candles and torches, guided in groups of up to 30 people.
On the way visiting tourists can visually detect the presence of ghosts beautiful Olympia - the castle of the White Lady, cruel Count Warszycki called "Slavic Dracula", Black Lady, unfortunate Anselm, and Seweryn Boner showing up in a black cape, with a cane, and a funny hat people looking for treasures.

regional feasts
Jousting show, plebeian, night tour of the castle, snacks regional dishes and local napitków, regional music. Entertainer: .Zamek "sp. St. Kosciuszko 66.42-440 Ogrodzieniec, tek 032 673 22 20 www.zamek-ogrodzieniec.pl. E-mail: biuro@zamek-ogrodzieniec.pl

Jurassic Riding caravan called "horse-drawn trams" the most beautiful and otherwise inaccessible corners of the jury (in the vicinity of Olsztyn and Golden Stream.) There are routes: "Following Zygmunt Krasinski" - the route of the historical-romantic footsteps of our great romantic poet;
"Jurassic Gold Loop" - on the route m. .: The most interesting places in the Golden Stream, Desert Siedlecka wooden church in Źrebicach;
  "Royal Tract" - a beautiful trail leading from the Golden Stream to Olsztyn. Organizer provides horse trams, conductor, musical setting, the consumption in the "outdoor base" or catering services on the route, assist riding, or riders on the route serve as waiters.

A trip to the "Enchanted Forest"
The howling of a wolf in a real forest, Little Red Riding Hood walking forest path to your grandmother, meeting with Baba Yaga in her house this experience for children as the most authentic. Forest "enchant" the actors of Theatre. Adam Mickiewicz University in Czestochowa. To "Enchanted Forest" were taking "horse trams", known on the trail Jurassic Horse Caravan. Along the way, a visit to the House of Baba Yaga, interviews with Hansel and Gretel, and all in real forest scenery, where you can see the bear, hear the howl of a wolf, and perhaps also get candy from Little Red Riding Hood. sausages by the campfire and a disco end an eventful day.

Space Tourist Route
Horse Caravan Route Jurassic goes along the model of the planets of the solar system, constructed in compliance with all proportion. The offer combines relaxation, fun, and at the same time is a very interesting way to astronomy lesson. The route begins in the Sand, where the model of the sun. Next are the planets: Earth, Mercury and Venus. Horse trams were taking visitors in the direction of Jupiter and Saturn. Between Saturn and Uranus is the "Enchanted Forest", where a forest clearing provides a brief stopover and consumption. Then, past Uranus and Neptune, travelers arrive at Pluto. Here each participant on the horse on top of orbits the planet and hears the gong indicating that it was on the Earth came a ray of light from the sun, which launched simultaneously with the participants of the trip. Organiser: OASIS Company Tourist

Jurassic Water Festival
Place: flood water in Poraju
Organizer: VENA, a company o.o Tourist Services Company
Peace Avenue 44.42-202 Czestochowa, tel. 034 371 20 33,

June / July
International Folklore Festival "AWAY AND CLOSE"
The festival involved both teams from the area of Czestochowa, as well as visitors from all over Europe. Concerts and performances taking place in various towns of the region are the presentation of folk traditions, customs and rituals of different European nations. Organiser: Regional Culture Centre in Czestochowa, street Oginski 13 a, tel. 34 3244651 e-mail: . www.rok.czestochowa.pl

June 13-July 11 RIVER WORTH
Jubilee International Canoeing Trip Warta Tour
The event is a continuation of the annual canoeing, promoting
Warta River waterway and regions lying above it. Is addressed to
tourists aquatic Polish and other European countries. Organizers
runoff assume defeat in a month almost 1000 km of water
trail on the Warta River, the Oder, the Havel and the Spree, extending between
Czestochowa and Berlin. The official inauguration of runoff will be held on
June 13-14 in Czestochowa.
Organizer: Greater Association of Tourism and Recreation Water
Warta Poznan, tel. / Fax 0618422312,

July OLSZTYN near Czestochowa
Jurassic Summer Film
Jurassic Summer Film in Janow is the open-air event, organized in the form of a four-day film festival in mid-July. This event is free of charge, free of charge, with a national scope. Is cyclical. Has already gained immense popularity, especially among young people who come here from across the Polish, to participate in the projection of films "under a cloud". Each year, the party collected about 40 people. Central element of the festival is the evening and night film screenings. Each day before the screening film held a meeting with the star of the evening: a popular actor or director. Organiser: Local Government Centre of Culture and Sport Johns, street Czestochowa 1 tel. 034 327 8108 e-mail: .

And Saturday and Sunday August Feast of Trout
The Golden Stream, also known as the "Land of the Golden Trout", is one of the oldest on the European continent hatchery trout, leading the commercial activities. Thanks in local restaurants you can taste the delicious fish przyrządzanej 14 ways. At the beginning of August (first Saturday and Sunday ) is held open-air event "Trout Festival". The main element of the festival is a culinary competition in which participants tasted trout prepared a dozen ways.
Organiser: Local Government Centre of Culture and Sport, 42-253 Johns, street Czestochowa 1, tel. 034 327 81 08, www.janow.pl

August 29-30
Feast Ciulimu - Chulent in Lelow
Until World War II, a large part of the population Lelow were Jews. Here is the grave of the tzaddik David Biedermann, to which pilgrims annually in January, Orthodox Jews from around the world. Here also survived tradition ciulimu preparation, food derived from the Jewish cholent, modified by the local Polish population. The main celebrations Christmas Ciulimu fall on Sunday. During this holiday, Jews prepare the cholent, while Lelow ciulim and together serve to consume arrived at this festival guests. Organizer: Municipal Cultural Center in Lelow Lelów 42-235, street Szczekocinska 31, tel. 034 355 00 52, 355 0047 www.lelow.pl

Jurassic Folk Festival
23-26 October - hearing the Municipal Cultural Centre in Klobucku.
December 6 - Winners' Concert at Philharmonic or MOK in Kłobucku.
The aim of the festival is to promote and zooming of folk culture
region through the presentation of what's most important in music, singing and dancing
folk. The festival takes place in the following categories: a cappella singing groups,
song and dance, children's, bands, soloists, instrumentalists,
soloists, singers, master and disciple.
Organizers: Regional Culture Centre in Czestochowa.
street Oginskiego 13a, tel. 0,343,244,651.0343249481, www.rok.czestochowa.pl