One of the oldest cultural institution in Czestochowa. There since 1905. Evidence about the past heritage of Czestochowa and the entire Polish. It has a great collection of Polish and regional painting, among them paintings of Jacek Malczewski. Weiss, John Cybis, Theodore Axeotowicza and a rich and representative of Polish art collection of graphics. In the field of ethnography deserves special attention Polish devotional art collection, collections of regional folk culture with a unique collection of folk sculpture.

The museum collects rich historical collections (weapons. Coins and medals). nature of an important collection of insects and archaeological sites with a special and unique exposure in the Archaeological Reserve - part of the cemetery from the period known as the Lusatian culture.
  The museum displays its collections in Czestochowa in the following facilities:
Town Hall, Avenue of the Blessed Virgin Mary 45, tel. 034 366 80 50.
Permanent exhibitions: History of the town of Czestochowa. The first stage - from prehistory to the end of the eighteenth century
Phase II -1793 -1921; "Cabinet outstanding Czestochowa"
and exhibitions variables - contemporary art.
Ability to view the panorama of the city from the viewing platform.

Archaeological Reserve - the district Rakow (Street. Łukasińskiego 20) is a branch of the Museum of Czestochowa, which is protected only in Poland, from the early phases of the Hallstatt period (750 - 550 BC) burial of the Lusatian culture. There are 66 graves, burial and cremation skeletal, in line, first discovered in Poland. The exhibition is accompanied by archaeological exhibition and spiritual people of the Lusatian culture in Poland, tel. 034 3231951.

Gallery of Painting and Sculpture, st. Cathedral 8, tel. 034 324 99 93 In the beautifully restored tenement house from the beginning. The twentieth century. Presents permanent exhibitions: The Art of the Young Polish (including images Wyczolkowski Leon, Julian Fałat, Vladimir Tetmajer, Wojciech Weiss, Joseph Pankiewicza, Jacek Malczewski and Joseph Mehoffera); Art Czestochowanineteenth and 1 pol. The twentieth century (including works by Joseph Maczynski and Alfonsy Kanigowski); Polish avant-garde art and modern (m. Al. Andrzej Pronaszko images. Jana Cybis, Jonas Stern, Tadeusz Brzozowski, Kazimierz Mikulski, Jerzy Nowosielski, and Tadeusz Kantor).

Exhibition Pavilion and the Pavilion in the Park Ethnographic them. St. Science and Technology.
The Art Nouveau pavilion presents various exhibitions variables in a pavilion built of limestone - ethnographic exhibitions. Pavilions was built in 1909 as part of a national organization of Industry and Trade of Agriculture. Current Exhibition Pavilion was built at the Museum of Hygiene and Ethnographic Pavilion Pavilion had the function Party, so-called. Granary Polish.
tel. 034 360 56 33.

Peasant farm, ul. 7 Townhouses 4, tel. 034 360 56 33 Farm is also a former pavilion Trade and Industry - Agricultural erected in the years 1908-1909, as a reference peasant farm. The property was designed by Zdzislaw Kalinowski and Czeslaw Przybylski. The one-story building with a beautiful wooden porch, located on the edge of the park. Staszic presents a rich collection of folk art, including valuable collection of sculptures.

Iron Ore Mining Museum, Park. St. Science and Technology,
A permanent exhibition on the history of iron ore mining in the region of Czestochowa. The underground exhibition includes a reconstruction of the mine pit mining equipment from the closed iron ore mine "termagant." You can see a unique map of mining, mine construction projects, machinery, equipment and tools for mining.
tel. 034 360 56 33 (background. Pavilion Exhibition to) 0660 816 959.

Pilgrimage Museum, Avenue of the Blessed Virgin Mary 47
The renovated building from 1875. Called. "Popówce" worth recommending permanent exhibition of memorabilia related to the centuries-old tradition of pilgrimage to the Shrine of Jasna Gora. It should also see an exhibition devoted to the phenomenon of variable pilgrimage in Poland and in the world.
tel. 034 368 2164.

House of Poetry. Halina Museum Poswiatowska. Street. Jasnogorska 23
The family home Halina Poswiatowska Czestochowa Museum up rooms House of Poetry, being a museum exhibition on the outstanding memory. contemporary poet, as well as a meeting place for writers, poets and the ears of all the people. which is not indifferent to literature and art.

Hours available all objects Czestochowa Museum:
Tuesday, Thursday: 11.00-17.00, SWDA, Friday: 11.00-17.30
Saturday, Sunday: 11.00-18M Monday - closed
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 9.00-15.30, Wednesday: 11.00-17.30
Saturday, Sunday: 11.00 -17.00. Monday -nieczynne
Price of tickets to all objects Czestochowa Museum:
normal £ 4 concessions 3zl. Family £ 8, Wednesday - free admission,
2 £ (only entrance to the tower 1.1 True And if you bought a ticket to the museum). Note! Day ticket purchased at the Museum of Czestochowa entitles you to visit on a given day all of its objects.

Museum of the Archdiocese of Czestochowa, Street. St.. Barbara 41,
Museum collections are sacred monuments of Czestochowa and the surrounding area, created at different times, having a value of not only artistic but also historical and cultural. Among the sculptures stand out to be the Mother of God with Child of approx. 1430., Christ figure or figures of saints such as St.. Martin of Mstow of approx. 1500, "or the Holy. Joachim beautiful wood carvings from the mid-eighteenth century. Compositions are mostly painting images of saints, religious spirituality Polish relatives, including St.. Anne, Saint. Anthony of Padua, Saint. And St. Roch. Sebastian, Saint. Pavia Hermit and scenes from the life of Christ and images of the Virgin Mary. An interesting part of the collection are coins and medals issued on the occasion of various religious events and religious ceremonies, which are a kind of history of the Church. Hours provide facility for visitors: Tuesday-Saturday: 9.00-13.00 Ticket price: 2 zł, reduced 1 zł. telfon: 034 3683361

Museum of the production of matches st. Garden 68,
Working historical process line from the 30s of the last century, in conjunction with the factory buildings of the nineteenth century, makes the museum unique in Europe. Museum of the production of matches is in active, created in 1882 the plant, allowing visitors to wander in time and move back in reality is driven inter-industry pair. The main attraction is a tour of the historic running of the machinery and the opportunity to learn the process of creating an interesting matches. It works here too gallery with a permanent exhibition of sculptures from a single match. Ticket price: Bang - 3 zł children, £ 6 adults; Individual - 5 zł children, £ 10 adults. Hours provide facility for visitors: Monday - Friday: 8.00 - 13.00 or at other times by prior arrangement by telephone.
tel. 034 324 2626.034 3,241,210

Railway History Museum
ul. 100/120 Pulaski (Railway Station Czestochowa - Stradom). The permanent exhibition of historic railway equipment and materials evoking times Warsaw-Vienna Railway. Hours provide facility for visitors: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, 10.00 -13.00. Admission is free. The possibility of prior consultation telephone number: 034 37016 50,

Museum of Zdzislaw Beksinski - Municipal Art Gallery,
Avenue of the Blessed Virgin Mary 64,
Czestochowa Museum Zdzislaw Beksinski is the second in the country point of contact with the original artist's work. Municipal Art Gallery in Czestochowa few years has pictures of Zdzislaw Beksinski, transferred to constant exposure by their owners -kolekcjonerow art from Paris - Anna and Peter Dmochowskich. The collection comprising 50 paintings and drawings can be seen in specially arranged exhibition space. An integral part of the exhibition are two positions audiovisual: Videodzienniki Videoalbum.
tel. 034 324 55 81,

Planetarium Academy. Jan Dlugosz
Academy of them. J. Dlugosz, Department of Teaching of Physics and Astronomy, Army Alley 13/15
In Czestochowa, you can watch the night sky images in one of the most modern in Poland, planetariums. Digistar III projector is capable of displaying three-dimensional images of the sky fragments static and in motion. The screenings at the planetarium located on the roof of the Institute of Physics of the Academy of Czestochowa may also be involved 40 people, screening takes about one hour. For groups over 30 people sessions are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at. 10.30 and 12.00 (reservation required telephone); screenings for individuals are held on Fridays at. 18.00, Saturdays at. 10.30,12.00. At other times by appointment. Ticket price: 12 zł, 7 zł reduced. , Tel. 034 3614918 ext. 298.299,

OPK Gallery Gaude Mater ul. Dabrowski 1
Presents works from all artistic disciplines: painting, printmaking,
drawing and photography - through individual and collective exhibitions.
It organizes exhibitions both artistic environment of Czestochowa.
as well as selected authors of Polish and foreign. It is a meeting place
with contemporary art, the promotion of new artists and trends, and point
their confrontation with recognized artists.
Gallery also organizes the International Biennial of Miniature - the only
This kind of exposure work with maximum sizes 10 x 10 cm.
Also here, every year, is "open" defense of theses
produced in the studios of painting and graphic Faculty of Arts
Academy. Jan Dlugosz and an exhibition of graduates 'diploma' Team
School of Fine Arts in Czestochowa.
Open: Monday - Friday. 9.00-18.00. Admission is free. tel. 034 324 36 38,,

ART - PHOTO Gallery Regional Cultural Center Street. Oginski 13 and,
Exposes a photograph of Polish and foreign artists known images.
and beginning his artistic career. One of the main objectives
functioning of the gallery is to promote computer art trends
in photography and graphics.
Open: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8.00-18.00, Tuesday, Thursday 8.00 -15.00.
tel. 034 324 46 51

Gallery author Elizabeth and Lech Ledeckich
ul. Faradaya51, painting and bas-relief ceramic Elizabeth and Lech Ledeckich. Guided by prior arrangement by telephone. Admission is free (by appointment). tel. 034 3,619,001.604437126,

Museum of Imagination Thomas Sętowski Street. Oławska 2,
Painting of Thomas Sętowski.
Open: Friday 10.00 -18.00 after prior agreement, admission free.
tel. 034 366 66 28,

Gallery Under the Chestnut Tree
Presentations of Czestochowa Association of Designers them. Jerzy Duda-Player. Avenue of the Blessed Virgin Mary 56 - open-air gallery, open 11.00 -18.00 season, on clear days.