Fortified town located between Wreczyca (about 1.5 km) and Klobuck (about 2.5 kilometers) away from the center of Czestochowa about 12 km.
The fishery consists of three joints, with no regular coast line, the total water surface area of slightly more than 6 hectares, depth ranging from 1 to 3 m, fed river Okrza about 2 km below the source. Lakes are located on the same road (Kłobuck - Wreczyca) by the characteristic of the church on the hill, there is also a car park ready for anglers. The area to the left of the fishery is surrounded by hills covered with meadows, the right part from the second pond is forest, which in total gives a natural character of the place.

The fishery has been stocked by me more than a ton of carp and Amura (the latter about 20%), except that it is more than a ton of rope and a very large population of Karas (gold and silver), roach of up to 40 cm in length. Furthermore, there Perch and Pike fishing last year was well stocked with Rainbow Trout.

Pond first (counting from the main road and parking lot) has an area of 2.2 hectares and is quite overgrown with water the position of fishing, the dominant species: a carp, Lin, Amur, Rudd, Roach, Perch and Crucian .. . largest ever caught a fish Amur 70 cm ...

Second pond approximately 2.4 ha area, water occurring at the bottom or in isolated areas in the central part, the position of fishing delimit like in the first place wykoszone and bridges, the dominant species: carp, Crucian, Rudd, Lin, Roach, Amur and perch ... largest ever caught a fish carp 67 cm, 46 cm Lin, Karas 34 cm, 33 cm Roach

Pond third area of about 1.6 hectares, the most charming, pondweed occurs in isolated areas, coastline quite varied, the position of fishing in obkoszonych, the dominant species: Rudd (large!), Lin, Crucian, Roach, Carp, Grass carp and perch ... largest ever złowina fish - carp 72 cm, 63 cm Amur, Karas 32 cm, 29 cm Rudd

There is the opportunity to do houseware, BBQ and bonfire (in the space provided).
At the height of the center of the pond two large squares of grass wykoszoną intended for vacationing families, anglers ...

License Day 10 zł or 25 Pln, depending on the pond.

Bosman tel 600 922 488