Length of the segment - 25.4 km
Liswarta River is a left tributary of the Warta length. 93 km and is particularly attractive due to faster waters and numerous rapids. Often you can find natural or artificial thresholds. At higher water levels, most of these obstacles is possible to overcome without moving the kayak.

The route

25.4 Dankow road bridge. Good place to launch kayaks.

23.8 Troniny. Jaz at the abandoned mill to carry your left bank of the river.

22.0 Rębielice Gentry, the island can be circumnavigated both the left and right side. then head to the right until the weir at the mill, need to carry the right bank of 40m.

20.0 Szyszkow, attention to low footbridge.

16.3 Crimea. Navigable weir at the abandoned mill.

14.8 road bridge.

12.0 Navigable threshold. Railway bridge. Behind the bridge camping.

9.6 Dry, navigable weir at the abandoned mill.

6.7 Threshold, navigable in New Countryside.

0.0 Mouth Liswarta the Warta. Crutches

The length of - 6.0 km
Kocinka - supply Liswarta

6.0 ironworks. The beginning of the trail, chip shop at breeding ponds.

5.6 ironworks, bend the slope strong current.

Out of service 4.6 mill. You carry 10m left bank.

End of the trail mouth to Liswarta.

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