Lagoon in Zakrzew - A water reservoir with an area of 14 hectares, created the White Oksza, near the reserve forestry by "Debowa Mountain".

Tank from the south-east is surrounded by forests.

On the lagoon are two beautiful islands in the distance of approximately 100 m apart and an area of approx. 10 m² each. Are home to numerous waterfowl.


The same bathing in the lagoon at the White Oksza marked out on the water bridge built in the shape of the letter U.

Next to the beach bathhouse built. It was built a few wooden sheds, playground, benches, canopies. Furnished communal barbecue, marked out a place for bonfires, two piers, showers.

Around the tank runs comfortable, walk the route.

When the tank is Zakrzew water equipment rental (boats, kayaks, water bikes).

The reservoir is also used for fishing.

Lagoon and its surroundings have undergone revitalization, they have an attractive place for rest and recreation during the summer.

Admission is free, rental prices are set for each season.

Parking is located next to the place.